These articles for novice papermakers were first published in the popular "For Beginners" column of Hand Papermaking Newsletter.

Sources of Fiber and Pulp   Michael Durgin 17 Jan-92
Common Additives  Michael Durgin 18 Apr-92
Papermaking Moulds Michael Durgin 20 Oct-92
Paper From Iris and Daylily Bobbie Lippman 24 Oct-93
Grain Bobbie Lippman 27 Jul-94
History of Papermaking Michael Durgin 28 Oct-94
Methods of Beating Fiber Tom Bannister 33 Jan-96
Methods of Drying Paper Tom Bannister 34 Apr-96
Embossing Tom Bannister 35 Jul-96
Safety Tom Bannister 36 Oct-96
Archival Paper Tom Bannister 37 Jan-97
Sizing Tom Bannister 38 Apr-97
Watermarks Tom Bannister 39 Jul-97
Washi Tom Bannister 40 Oct-97
Dyes & Pigments Tom Bannister 41 Jan-98
What Paper Is, and Is Not Tom Bannister 42 Apr-98
Why People Make Paper by Hand Tom Bannister 43 Jul-98
Hollander Beaters Tom Bannister 44 Oct-98
Felts Tom Bannister 45 Jan-99
Common Plants for Paper Tom Bannister 46 Apr-99
Bibliography Tom Bannister 47 Jul-99
Introduction/Cranberry Mills Ted Snider 49 Jan-00
Papermaking History Ted Snider 50 Apr-00
Preparing Pulp Ted Snider 51 Jul-00
Western Moulds / Watermarks Ted Snider 52 Oct-00
Sheet Formation and Uniformity Ted Snider 53 Jan-01
Couching Ted Snider 54 Apr-01
Wet Pressing and Consolidation Ted Snider 55 Jul-01
Wet Sheet Handling / Drying Ted Snider 56 Oct-01
Surface Texture Ted Snider 57 Jan-02
Paper Weight Ted Snider 58 Apr-02
Physical and Optical Properties,  Part 1 Ted Snider 59 Jul-02
Physical and Optical Properties,  Part 2 Ted Snider 60 Oct-02
Making Paper from Milkweed Marilyn Sward 61 Jan-03
Drying on Fiberglass Screening Marilyn Sward 62 Apr-03
Color and Pigments Marilyn Sward 63 Jul-03
Color and Dye Marilyn Sward 64 Oct-03
Pulp Painting Marilyn Sward 65 Jan-04
Making a Deckle Box Marilyn Sward 66 Apr-04
Dimensional Paper Art Marilyn Sward 67 Jul-04
Flower Inclusions Marilyn Sward 68 Oct-04
Making Shaped Deckles Helen Hiebert 69 Jan-05
Setting Up a Studio Helen Hiebert 70 Apr-05
Finding Plant Fibers Helen Hiebert 71 Jul-05
Harvesting Fibers Helen Hiebert 72 Oct-05
Vegetable and Tamale Papyrus Helen Hiebert 73 Jan-06
Couching and Felts Helen Hiebert 74 Apr-06
Drying Paper Helen Hiebert 75 Jul-06
Vacuums for Papermaking Helen Hiebert 76 Oct-06
Paper Casting with Sand Helen Hiebert 77 Jan-07
Paper Storage Mary Tasillo 78 Apr-07
Wet Binding Mary Tasillo 79 Jul-07
Wet Collage and Inclusions Mary Tasillo 80 Oct-07
Working Large Without Limitation Mary Tasillo 81 Jan-08
Printing Tech /  Handmade Paper 101 Mary Tasillo 82 Apr-08
Adapting to Unfamiliar Studios Mary Tasillo 83 Jul-08
Constructing a Basic Mould and Deckle Mary Tasillo 84 Oct-08
Sustainable Papermaking Practices Mary Tasillo 85 Jan-09
3D Work from High-Shrinkage Pulp Mary Tasillo 86 Apr-09
An Updated Bibliography Mary Tasillo 87 Jul-09
Assessing Your Pulp and Paper Mary Tasillo 88 Oct-09
Affordable Studio Equipment Mary Tasillo 89 Jan-10
Why Handmade Paper? Mary Tasillo 90 Apr-10
Papermaking for Editioning Mary Tasillo 91 Jul-10
Pulp Additives Mary Tasillo 92 Oct-10
Working Large by Tiling Wet Sheets Mary Tasillo 93 Jan-11
More Basic Editioning Mary Tasillo 94 Apr-11
Couching and Drying Surfaces Mary Tasillo 95 Jul-11
More Couching and Drying Mary Tasillo 96 Oct-11
Selecting Source Fibers Mary Tasillo 97 Jan-12
Sustainability, Part 2 Mary Tasillo 98 Apr-12
Cooking with Caustic Mary Tasillo 99 Jul-12